Our mobile espresso bar is equipped with everything needed to bring a gourmet coffee experience to your event. Want more info?

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  • What We Do

    With over nine years in the coffee world, we aim to bring exceptional coffee and professional service to your event. We pride ourselves on crafting beverages that will be enjoyed by all of your guests, from the coffee afficianados to those who like a little coffee with their sugar. We use high quality, sustainable ingredients, including our locally roasted espresso from Confident Coffee.

  • Who We Are

    We're Marcus and Adrienna, a couple of Arkansas natives who love coffee and people. Marcus grew up in NWA and has been in the coffee world since his first job. He spent nine years serving coffee and ended his career (or so he thought) as the general manager of Kennedy Coffee in 2017. We met at the coffee shop and have always desired a way to bring others the joy that it brought us. After launching the pottery business in 2019, we noticed a gap in mobile coffee service in the area and decided to fill it. It is with great joy that we are able to serve at both makers markets and private events.

  • What We Offer

    We bring the coffee shop experience to your event in the NWA region with our state of the art mobile espresso bar. We have options to meet most needs, from a basic one hour service with whole milk and a few syrups to a fully customized experience for your and your guests. Our passion is our Coffee & Clay packages, which includes custom mugs or centerpieces created for your event with our professional barista service. It doesn't get much better than having delicious lattes served out of handmade mugs that you helped design!

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